How to Treat Nodular Acne

Saturday, September 28th 2013. | nodular acne

What are the best treatments for nodular acne? If you are wondering about the best way to cure your nodular, you better read this. Many treatments and home remedies are available to solve your nodular problem. It is known that this kind of acne is quite difficult to eliminate. But, there are always ways to get rid of it. Have you tried so many things to banish your nodular zits? You should try some following ways to make you free of acne. Do not go anywhere unless you want to lose some worth information about how to cure the nodular.

nodular acneThe first nodular acne treatment is washing your face using glycerin soap. Glycerin soap can be used to keep your face clean and mild. It is recommended for you who suffer from nodular acne. It can cleanse your face without making it dry. Therefore, it is very good to wash your face using this soap. For better result, wash your face twice a day. It is not recommended to wash your face more than twice a day because the soap may cause irritation if it is used more frequently. Always remember to use clean and smooth washcloth to avoid irritation.

Tea tree oil is very suitable for your nodular acne home remedies. We know that tea tree oil has lots of benefits for your skin. The most popular function of tea tree oil is to get rid of acne. Tea tree oil has anti bacterial and anti fungal agents which is very effective to fight against bacteria. It helps relieve the inflammation of your nodular acne.  Besides, tea tree oil is also able to gentle your skin. Therefore, you will get two benefits of using tea tree oil as your home remedies. You will get gentle skin and acne-free face.

Another popular remedy for nodular acne is by taking zinc supplement. Zinc is known to enhance your immune system and works to fight against molecules that cause cellular infection and damage. When you take zinc supplement, it helps your body fight the nodular acne infection. Taking 30 mg zinc twice a day is sufficient to cure your nodular acne. When the supplement has shown a significant result, you should reduce the dosage of your zinc. Taking the supplement once a day is sufficient. Those are some ways to cure nodular. Try them and see the result on your nodular acne.